Although it’s known as a martial art, adiposity Tai Chi is now practiced primarily to improve the mental and physical health. Originally Tai Chi was a Chinese martial art that belonged to the family of Internal Kung Fu styles (Tai Chi, treatment Xing-Yi, BaGuaZhang) and is possessed of all the martial applications of striking, throwing, joint locking, point-striking etc. But because it’s designed as an Internal Martial Art, alongside those martial characteristics the practitioner is also brought into the tradition of a full immersion into it’s meditative and spiritual development practices that have always been a part of chinese Internal Boxing. In modern times most practitioners engage in Tai Chi for the health and stress reducing benefits, the same positive and developmental results of traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu. Today, Tai Chi is practiced daily by hundreds of millions of people in China and all over the world, and is rapidly gaining popularity in the West.

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