Physical Exercise

Research shows that it pays for companies to encourage exercise at work.
Allows absenteeism and failure due to lack of exercise (including Repetitive Strain Injury and back problems) are avoided.
In particular, ampoule large companies have developed exercise policies and are encouraging their employees to exercise more.
Tai Chi is increasingly being offered for it’s therapeutic effects in more and more companies across the country. Tai Chi stimulates all muscles and joints, cardiology and with it’s emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation within a slow-motion context offers the most minimal chance of injury among all exercise regimens.

Martial Arts Practice

Less well known is that Tai Chi is also a serious martial art. That is not surprising because the most popular Tai Chi exercises are usually done slowly. Unlike other martial arts, Tai Chi practitioners are in every city, in every country, all over the world! And because of the nature of this highly lifestyle-impacting set of learned skills, each practitioiner in their own way take the responsibility of their own balanced health and personal development very seriously.

The sense of personal accomplishment, goal setting and goal attainment, as well as the increased awareness of their own min/body connection, health maintenance, and increased physical ability are All contributing factors in helping to create a valuable member of your team!


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