1. Personal Development

Tai Chi may also play a role in the personal development of employees. There are several themes in Tai Chi which can contribute such as mind-body balance, anesthetist results-oriented versus process-oriented, viagra sale stress management, control – letting go, relaxing under pressure, assertiveness and awareness in general.

2. Meditation

In particular, the meditative side of Tai Chi May play a role in personal development. There are several themes in Tai Chi that address this. For example, there is the development of the body consciousness. In the here and now. With both feet firmly on the ground. Paying attention to what you do (mindfulness). Lead and follow. Control versus letting go.
Although Tai Chi is not a therapy by the normal standards, it’s practice is unquestionably therapeutic. Practicing Tai Chi, for many, provides a safe haven – a quiet moment – in a busy life.

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