Let’s Set Up a Tai Chi workshop!


We organize Tai Chi workshops for both small and large groups – although we specialize in small businesses we are able to prepare workshops for up to 300 participants.
Apart from workshops, online we also teach weekly classes that can be conducted as separate seminars or during lunch-breaks to promote good health for office workers. In terms of staff and employee well-being, we would like to be your business partner when Tai Chi is involved. Since 2010 we also offer mindfulness courses and workshops.

Providing a Tai Chi Workshop for staff and employees is an ideal way to

– add to your events list as a company

– provide an activity strictly for the purposes of employee health

– to add luster to a meeting

– or as part of an already planned workout!

Let’s Set Up a Tai Chi workshop! Here’s how we begin:

 – We create the format of the workshop(s) and cater the design to specific needs and topics provided by you in collaboration with our staff. There are a few separate Types of Workshops depending upon your outcome goals and/or the sequence of workshops, and this is all determined in advance.
Next, we determine the The Number of Participants, which can range from 5 to 30 people.
The Location for your Tai Chi Workshop is typically at a company’s actual work-site, although we can accomodate workshops at our location as well.

The Tai Chi Workshop’s Schedule can be established through a number of criteria to best suit your company’s interests as well as scheduling needs.
The Cost of your Tai Chi workshop depend among other things on the number of participants, the location, date & time, duration and number of workshops conducted.